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Why Do Table Tennis Players Say Cho? (and what does it mean?)

Why Do Table Tennis Players Say Cho?

What are the Chinese ping pong players yelling?

In short, players say “Cho” after winning a good ball.

When playing table tennis, it is common for players to yell out “Cho” when they hit a good ball. This sound is made when the player’s mouth is open and they are exhaling. “Hao” is the weak sound that players make with their mouths closed but this is not powerful enough.

The saying “Cho-le !” is derived from the Cantonese pronunciation and if you listen sounds much more similar to ” cho-le !” in Cantonese than any other variant in Mandarin. Most Mandarin speakers adopt Cantonese phrases such as this one, which is why you will hear it more commonly in China than Taiwan or other parts of the world.

What does Cho-le mean Chinese?

Cho-le is a word meaning something like “good” in Chinese. It is often used as an adjective to describe someone or something that is extremely good under pressure.

Why do table tennis players say Cho?

It’s shouted only when a player hits the ball well and never when a bad hit was made. It is used to call a point and it also gives a sense of urgency.

Table tennis is a very fast-paced sport, and the players need to stay focused at all times. That’s the reason why they shout “Cho” when they win a point. Cho is a good ball, and the sound of “Cho-lei” helps the player stay in the game and it is a good way of self-encouragement. This shout of Cho also shows excitement and passion for the game.

Confirmed meaning of “Cho-lei” by Chinese players

The word “Cho-lei” is a Cantonese term that has been confirmed by Chinese players to mean “good ball.” The correct pronunciation of the phrase is “Cha-lieh.” This term is often used by table tennis players to describe a good shot.

The word is pronounced similar to “出嘞” in Cantonese, which is derived from the Cantonese pronunciation.

Table tennis players use “cho-leeey” as a goal-shout. This is because table tennis has traditional etiquette, and we don’t celebrate goals if they are edge balls or nets. It’s hard to get convinced that top players are actually cursing at each other, table tennis is a sport with traditional etiquette.