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Get More Spin is committed to offering more “spin” into your life by ensuring the health and wellness for all individuals young and old and from all walks of life. Our goal is to unite and educate people when it comes to exercise and fitness, particularly when it involves racket sports such as table tennis.

We believe that a person only has one life and that every part of your well-being needs to be cared for and nurtured in order to make it your best life. We care about your physical, mental and emotional health and feel privileged to be able to incorporate the use of racket sports into the lives of people who would most benefit from it.

Just like a ball, life is full of ups and downs. Why not add some more “spin” and make it the best life ever!


tom Taylor

Since more than 25 years I am engaged in theory and practice of table tennis. First as a player, then as a coach and teacher. During this long time I have got to know all levels of table tennis from beginners in schools or clubs to professionals.

My other love is pickleball which I used to play every week with my friends.

This site deals with the introduction of racket sports like table tennis or pickleball. I would like to give the beginner a clear and concise understanding of this sport.

Table tennis is one of the fastest, if not the fastest sport of all. There are often only fractions of a second for reaction. Therefore the time factor plays an essential role in table tennis. For decades players and coaches tried in vain to match the ideal technique exactly. Here we learn how to do it well, this site is intended to help you build and develop your individual technique. It is intended to be a pioneer on the way to your individual, perfect technique.