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First-Time Padel Players: Simple Drills to Start Playing

As an experienced padel enthusiast and the founder of Get More Spin, my blog dedicated to sharing my passion for racket sports, I understand the excitement that comes with stepping onto the court for the first time. However, I also know the importance of starting with the basics. Through years of playing and coaching, I’ve learned that mastering simple drills is crucial for developing the skills and confidence needed to excel in padel. Allow me to share the essential drills focusing on grip, footwork, ball control, and teamwork. These are the building blocks that I used to create a solid foundation for my own padel journey and I’m confident they will do the same for you. Stick with me, and I’ll show you how to elevate your game and take on the court with the finesse of a seasoned pro.

My Padel Mastery Journey

My connection to padel runs deep, reaching back to the sunny courts in Marbella where I first swung a racket as a teenager. The sound of the ball off the racket, the strategic movements, the camaraderie amongst players—it all resonated with me. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing my own skills evolve, from those initial awkward volleys to executing precise bandejas that I now consider a signature move. Some of my most memorable moments come from the intense matches at the Club de Padel Los Monteros, where I not only honed my technique but also forged lasting friendships.

Throughout my padel career, I’ve experimented with various grips and footwork patterns, always seeking to refine my style and strategy. My blog, Get More Spin, became a platform to document these explorations and share my insights with a growing community of racket sports enthusiasts. It’s been a thrilling ride, from the early days of blogging in 2015 to now, where I can proudly say my teachings have reached players from all corners of the globe. My passion for padel is as strong as ever, and I relish every opportunity to pass on the knowledge that has made my experience on the court both successful and immensely enjoyable.

Grip and Footwork Drills

Get ready to improve your padel game with these grip and footwork drills that will take your skills to the next level.

One of the most important aspects of playing padel is having the right grip on your racket. When selecting a padel racket, it’s crucial to find one that feels comfortable in your hand and allows for a secure grip. This won’t only enhance your shot accuracy but also prevent injuries caused by mishandling the racket.

Once you have the right racket, it’s time to focus on your footwork. Balance is key in padel, as it allows you to move quickly and efficiently on the court. Start by practicing your split step, which is a small jump made just before your opponent hits the ball. This will help you react faster and maintain a stable position.

Additionally, work on your lateral movements by shuffling from side to side, keeping your knees slightly bent and your weight centered.

Ball Control and Placement Drills

To improve your ball control and placement in padel, focus on mastering these essential drills. Developing strong padel racket techniques and understanding padel shot selection will help you become a more effective player on the court.

One important drill to improve your ball control is the wall rally drill. Stand about two meters away from the wall and hit the ball against it. Focus on hitting the ball softly and controlling its direction. This drill will help you develop a soft touch and improve your ability to place the ball precisely.

Another useful drill is the target drill. Set up targets on the court and practice hitting the ball to those specific spots. Start with larger targets and gradually decrease their size as you improve. This drill will enhance your accuracy and give you more control over where the ball goes.

Lastly, the lob and drop shot drill is excellent for improving your placement skills. Practice hitting lobs to the back of the court and drop shots near the net. This will help you vary your shots and keep your opponents off balance.

Serving and Returning Drills

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Mastering your serving and returning skills is crucial for success in padel. To improve your serving technique, start by practicing your ball toss. A good toss is essential for a consistent and accurate serve. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the ball in your non-dominant hand. Toss the ball just above eye level and slightly in front of you. As the ball reaches its highest point, swing your racket and make contact with the ball. Aim to hit the ball with the sweet spot of your racket for maximum power and control.

When it comes to the return of serve, focus on your footwork and timing. Position yourself slightly behind the service line, with your weight on the balls of your feet. Anticipate the direction of the serve and move quickly towards the ball. Use small, quick steps to adjust your position and get into the right position to make a solid return. Keep your eyes on the ball and aim to make contact with the center of the racket face. Practice returning different types of serves, such as low and fast serves or high and loopy ones, to improve your versatility.

Communication and Teamwork Drills

Enhance your padel skills and build a strong team dynamic with these effective communication and teamwork drills. Good communication and teamwork are crucial in padel, as they can greatly improve your performance on the court and help you anticipate your opponent’s moves.

One important aspect of communication and teamwork is body positioning. By practicing drills that focus on body positioning, you and your partner can learn to read each other’s movements and react accordingly. This will enable you to cover the court more effectively and work together seamlessly.

Another key aspect of communication and teamwork is the use of verbal cues and eye contact. Verbal cues can be used to communicate your intentions to your partner, such as signaling who’ll take the shot or where you plan to place the ball. Eye contact is also vital, as it allows you to communicate non-verbally and anticipate each other’s moves.

Game Strategy and Tactics Drills

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Now that you have honed your communication and teamwork skills, it’s time to take your padel game to the next level with strategic and tactical drills. These drills will help you improve your shot selection and defensive positioning, allowing you to dominate the court and outsmart your opponents.

Here are three essential drills to enhance your game strategy and tactics:

  1. Shot selection drills: Start by practicing different types of shots such as lobs, smashes, and volleys. Focus on selecting the right shot based on your position on the court, the position of your opponents, and the situation. Work on your timing, accuracy, and placement to make each shot count.
  2. Defensive positioning drills: Positioning is crucial in padel, especially when defending against powerful shots. Practice moving quickly and efficiently to get into the ideal defensive position. Work on anticipating your opponent’s shots and adjusting your position accordingly. Practice moving as a team to cover the court effectively and minimize openings for your opponents.

Remember to always prioritize safety during these drills. Focus on proper footwork, balance, and coordination to prevent injuries.

With consistent practice and dedication to these strategic and tactical drills, you’ll soon see a significant improvement in your padel game. Keep pushing yourself, and enjoy the journey of becoming a skilled padel player.

What Are Some Basic Padel Drills for Beginners to Improve Their Serve?

If you’re new to padel, learning effective padel serve tactics for new players is essential for improving your game. Some basic drills for beginners include practicing your serve technique, working on placement and power, and honing your consistency. These drills will help you develop a strong and reliable serve.


Now that you’re familiar with the fundamental drills for newcomers to padel, you’re prepared to step onto the court and commence playing this thrilling game! Be sure to concentrate on mastering your grip and footwork, refine your abilities to control and place the ball, improve your serving and return plays, and above all, ensure you communicate and collaborate as a team. Equipped with these drills and tactics, you’re on the fast track to padel mastery.

So find a partner, pick up your padel racket, and gear up for a fantastic time on the court!

We’d love to hear from you! If you’ve recently taken up padel, share your initial experiences in the comments below. What drills have you found most helpful? How are you adapting to the game? Your insights could be incredibly valuable to other beginners.

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